Spry Creek Home Accents, All Purpose Basket

All Purpose Basket

This basket is truly all purpose. The loose weave allows you to shake the sand out after a day at the beach. It looks great filled with towels for the bath or use it for the trip to the market.
Spry Creek Home Accents, Driftwood Sculpted by Nature

Driftwood Sculpted by Nature

This gorgeous driftwood would be perfect in your garden or home.
Spry Creek Home Accents, FaCuff Bracelets by Ava Austin

Facuff Bracelets by Ava Austin

Each bracelet is hand made by Ava and consists of a copper core enameled with her trademarked polymer paint. She further embellishes with tiny glass marbles, sterling silver, or gold shot.
Spry Creek Home Accents, Fouta towels for home or the beach.

Fouta Towels for Home or the Beach.

Softer than a traditional terry and eco friendly as it will dry in minutes, this towel, also known as a Turkish Towel or Hammam towel, will become a must have in your bathroom or the beach.
Spry Creek Home Accents, French table linens by Le Cluny.

French Table Linens by Le Cluny.

French table linens are a beautiful addition to your home.
Spry Creek Home Accents, Hand warmer mugs by Clay in Motion

Hand Warmer Mugs by Clay in Motion

Warm your hands while you enjoy your coffee & tea. These lovely mugs not only hold your favorite warm beverage but you can warm your hands at the same time.
Spry Creek Home Accents, Life's too short to wear matching socks!

Life's Too Short to Wear Matching Socks!

Be sure to check out our suitcase full of Sol Socks. Proudly made in the U.S.A. of recycled yarn.
Spry Creek Home Accents, Maruca Bags

Maruca Bags

Maruca bags are as durable as they are beautiful. Their textiles are designed in-house and woven in the U.S.A. All bags are kindly hand crafted in Boulder, Colorado.
Spry Creek Home Accents, on u jewelry

On U Jewelry

After one look, you'll be able to recognize the difference of on u jewelry.
Spry Creek Home Accents, House Numbers

House Numbers

Our collection of house numbers are hand made in Spain using a centuries old art form. The color palette of our numbers placed in one of our elegant plaques will add curb appeal to any home.
Spry Creek Home Accents, Dish Towels woven in North Carolina

Dish Towels Woven in North Carolina

Woven and made in NC! These are new and are no nonsense good. Great for yourself and for gifts.